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TV in the '60s

Television in 1960s America was very different from what it is today. Enjoy this trip into the past!


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#1   This western show featured Ben Cartwright and his three sons on their ranch. What was the name of the show?

#2   On "Bewitched", Elizabeth Montgomery was married to a character named Darrin. What was her character's name?

#3   Which of these shows was a spin-off of the "Andy Griffith Show"?

#4   Which of these cartoons was not on TV during the 1960s?

#5   "The Carol Burnett Show" made its debut in 1967.

#6   What show featured characters named Morticia, Wednesday, Lurch, and Cousin Itt?

#7   His family lived in Mayfield. His father was Ward, his mother was June, and his brother was Wally. What was this character's nickname?

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#8   The IMF was a top secret government organization. Their assignments were dangerous and covert. What show was this team featured on?

#9   This series, which began in the late 1950s, continued its successful depiction of courtroom scenes well into the 1960s. Raymond Burr played its lead character. What was the show's name?

#10   John Wayne turned down the role of Marshall Dillon because he didn't want to do a weekly television show. What show was this character from?




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