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Money Talks

Do you listen when money talks? There are many phrases and sayings that talk about money. Speaking of money, see how many of these phrases you can figure out.


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#1   "To ____ a phrase" means to create a new phrase.

#2   In 1967, the "Wizard of Id" cartoon had this twist on the golden rule: "Whoever has the gold, _____!"

#3   Complete this slogan from President Harry Truman's campaign: "The _____ stops here."

#4   According to the famous saying, how often do you earn a dollar? "Another _____, another dollar."

#5   If you "bet dollars to _____", it means you are sure of something.

#6   Something fake is said to be "as phony as a _____".

#7   If something is very expensive, it is said you "pay _____" for it.

#8   If something is very cheap, it is said you get it "for a _____".

#9   Which of these phrases means you are making money?

#10   Which of the following means that the stock market is up?

#11   The money you have saved up for a future purpose is often called a "_____ egg".

#12   If your parents are wealthy, you are said to be "born with a _____ in your mouth".




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