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The Olympian Family Tree - Athena

The Olympians were the major gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Their family was dysfunctional, to say the least, with enough adultery and incest to fill any daytime talk show. How much do you know about Athena and her relations?


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#1   What was Zeus's relation to Athena?

#2   Who was Athena's mother?

#3   How many full siblings did Athena have?

#4   How many uncles did Athena have?

#5   How many children did Athena have?

#6   To what Greek hero did Athena lend her shield so that he could cut off the head of Medusa?

#7   Which of Zeus's siblings competed with Athena for naming rights over the city of Athens?

#8   Who was Athena's husband?

#9   Of the original Twelve Olympians, how many were Athena's half siblings?

#10   If Hades, Athena's uncle, and his consort, Persephone, Athena's half sister, had a female child, how would that child be related to Athena?




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