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All Twilight

This quiz is based on all four Twilight books.


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Created By:AMBosch82


#1   In "New Moon", why do the Cullens leave Forks?

#2   Where did Bella live before moving to Forks, Washington?

#3   Bella becomes a vampire because she was going to die after Renesmee is born.

#4   In "Twilight", Bella goes to Homecoming with Edward.

#5   In "Eclipse", who gets hurt during the fight with the newborns?

#6   Why does Alice come back to Forks in the book "New Moon"?

#7   Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Bella are seniors in "Eclipse".

#8   Bella has no special abilities after she becomes a vampire in "Breaking Dawn".

#9   How does Bella find out about the Cullens being vampires?

#10   Where do Bella's mom and step-dad move to?

#11   What color of eyes do the vegetarian vampires have?




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