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"Mad Men" Seasons 1 & 2

How well do you know your "Mad Men" seasons one & two characters and storylines? Find out here!


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#1   The character of Don Draper is really named what?

#2   Prior to marriage, Betty Draper worked in what profession in Manhattan?

#3   Peggy gives birth to the illegitimate child of which Sterling Cooper employee?

#4   When this airline suffered a crash of one of its jets, Pete Campbell's father died unexpectedly in the event.

#5   In season one, what strange physical symptom does Betty experience that causes her to visit a psychiatrist?

#6   In season one, episode one, the ad agency is trying to find the best way to spin the news that cigarettes are deadly for their client, Lucky Strike.

#7   Which two brassiere companies are mentioned to be in competition with each other in season two?

#8   While attending dinner at the Draper residence, a drunk Pete Campbell hits on Betty.

#9   Although all the ad agency employees tend to be heavy drinkers, this ad exec takes it to the extreme. In one shocking incident, he actually peed in his pants at the office.

#10   In season one, during a flashback of Don as young "Dick", a hobo leaves which chalk code on the gate for fellow hobos?

#11   What was the copy Peggy wrote in season two for a Popsicle ad that got her her own office?




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