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To Coin a Phrase

There are many common sayings that refer to coins. See if you can figure out what coin is mentioned in each of these phrases.


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#1   What coin is mentioned in this phrase? "A _____ saved is a _____ earned."

#2   If you can stop quickly, you are said to "stop on a _____".

#3   When someone asks what you are thinking about, they say, "A _____ for your thoughts."

#4   To "put your two _____ in" means to offer your opinion.

#5   Historically, to "hang, draw, and _____" someone was a severe form of torture.

#6   Early variety stores were called "five and _____" stores.

#7   What coin is commonly mentioned in the phrase, "not worth a plugged _____"?

#8   Things that are cheap and easy to find are said to be "a _____ a dozen".

#9   Something expensive is said to "cost a pretty _____".

#10   To "_____" someone is to charge many small expenses that add up to a substantial amount.

#11   Complete this phrase: "_____ wise and pound foolish."

#12   "Two bits" is worth a _____.




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