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Figures of Speech - Death

Given the uncertain and unknown nature of death and the afterlife, it's no surprise that people have created some catchy, less morbid phrases to describe death and dying. How many of them do you know?


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#1   A dead person may be said to have "kicked the _____".

#2   As mentioned in the title of a show on the ABC network, what flower may a dead person said to be "pushing" or "pushing up"?

#3   If a gangster was threatening to "whack" you, or kill you, he might say you'll be "sleeping with _____".

#4   According to Shakespeare, what step might a dying person do "off the mortal coil"?

#5   A dead person might be said to have "bought the ____".

#6   Dead sailors are often said to "go to Davy Jones's _____".

#7   How many "feet under" is a dead person usually found?

#8   If you took Casper hostage in your house, the police outside might shout this euphemism for dying: "Give up the ____".

#9   What mythological river did ancient Greeks believe the dead had to cross?

#10   "Monty Python" member John Cleese came up with quite a few euphemisms in a famous "Flying Circus" sketch. What dead animal is being argued over in that sketch?




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