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Figures of Speech - Nature

Don't go barking up the wrong tree! This quiz is all about idioms that feature items found in nature. So stay "grounded" and do your best!


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Created By:Hrsemn4


#1   Someone who can grasp minute details while not understanding the overall concept might be "unable to see the forest for the _____".

#2   If you want to start over again with a clean slate, you might want to "turn over a new ___".

#3   If you forgive someone for hurting you in the past, you might refer to those grievances as "_____ under the bridge".

#4   One place in close proximity to another might be said to be a "_____'s throw away".

#5   Being forced to choose between two unfavorable choices is likened to being "between a ____ and a hard place".

#6   Finish the idiom. "Make ___ while the sun shines."

#7   What color moon appears in an idiom signifying the rarity of something?

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#8   According to the idiom, "a bird in the hand is worth two" where?

#9   Whenever you break up with a significant other, remember "there are plenty of other fish" here.

#10   Cooks and servers at restaurants may say they are "in the _____", meaning they are behind and need help.

#11   According to the idiom, "a rolling stone gathers no" what?




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