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Optical Issues

This quiz is about various issues that may arise with one's eyes.


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#1   The official name for nearsightedness is which of the following?

#2   Hyperopia, more commonly known as farsightedness, is caused by the eyes being too short.

#3   People with astigmatism have the light coming into the eye focused on one point.

#4   Which of the following is not a variant of strabismus?

#5   The more common name for pink eye is which of the following?

#6   What can be caused by cataract surgery, extreme nearsightedness, sickle cell disease, or an injury to the face or eye?

#7   Which of the following involves high pressure in the eye damaging the retina and optical nerve?

#8   Cataracts cause which of the following?

#9   If one has color deficiency, one has trouble distinguishing between certain colors. Of the following, which color is one least likely to be deficient in?

#10   The condition in which one cannot see is known as what?




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