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Ark Angel

Have you read Anthony Horowitz's "Ark Angel"? If so, take this quiz to see how well you really know it.


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#1   Who shot and killed Combat Jacket, Spectacles, Steel Watch, and Silver Tooth?

#2   Tamara Knight is a _____ agent.

#3   When Alex came running down the stairs of the burning building, who was waiting there with a machine gun?

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#4   What was the name of the building that Alex Rider was taken to after arriving at JFK?

#5   Kasper has a tattoo of the _______ on his face.

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#6   What is different about Force Three?

#7   Who did Alex Rider shoot the medicine ball at?

#8   Who created Force Three?

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#9   How many sons did Drevin have?

#10   What building housed the CIA's case against Mr. Drevin?

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