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Survivor: Cook Islands

See what you know about Survivor Cook Islands.


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#1   Which two players from Aitu went over to Raro at the second merge?

#2   Candice, Yul, and Sundra were on the poles at the Reward Challenge in Episode 6.

#3   What was the order that the tribes finished in on the race in Episode 1?

#4   How many times did Adam go to Exile Island?

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#5   What was the alliance of Yul, Becky, Ozzy and Sundra called?

#6   On the second episode at Tribal Council, Billy said he had met the love of his life. Who was he talking about?

#7   How many votes did Yul win by in the finale?

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#8   How did the Aitu swing Jonathan over to vote Nate out?

#9   Who was the first one to get all the puzzle pieces in episode 14?

#10   Who lost in the fire making challenge at the last Tribal Council?

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