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The NATO Phonetic Alphabet

You've most likely heard it used on TV, in movies, or at the airport. Now it's time to see how much you really know about this alphabet. Roger that?


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#1   Which language is the basis for the code words of the NATO phonetic alphabet?

#2   Name one of the two Shakespearean title characters whose names are used in the NATO alphabet.

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#3   Which of the following is NOT a code word used in the NATO alphabet?

#4   Which South American capital city is used in the NATO alphabet?

#5   What two types of dances are used as code words in the NATO alphabet?

#6   Cheers to you if you can name this alcoholic beverage that is assigned to the letter "W" in the NATO alphabet.

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#7   What do the code words assigned to the letters "C", "M", "O", "R", and "V" have in common?

#8   The code word assigned to the letter "Y" is "Yahtzee".

#9   Which of the following describes the code word assigned to the letter "G"?

#10   Which of these is the only month of the year that is used as a code word in the NATO alphabet?




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