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Figures of Speech - Body Parts

"I sing the body electric", wrote Walt Whitman. Now it's your chance to test your mettle on this quiz all about idioms that feature body parts. Be sure to ask for a hand if you can't put your finger on it!


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#1   If your opposable manual digit is dyed emerald or you have a knack for gardening, what body part might be said to be "green"?

#2   A sarcastic way to express how little you need something is to say you "need it like a hole" where?

#3   If you desire something deeply, you might say you would "give your right ___" for it. What body part fills the blank?

#4   Someone hard at work is said to be keeping what body part "to the grindstone"?

#5   A personal guideline developed by intuition or practice may be referred to as a "rule of ____".

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#6   An old person is said to be "long in" what body part?

#7   The phrase "by the skin of your teeth" originated in the Bible.

#8   Achilles, the Greek hero, lends his name to an idiom referring to a person's weakness or shortcoming. According to the myth, what was Achilles's only vulnerable spot?

#9   According to a common phrase, the location of what vital organ signifies where home is?

#10   What body part will be found "in your mouth" if you say something embarrassing or inappropriate?

#11   According to the idiom, a thought you can't quite recall might be "on the tip of your _____".

#12   If you can't dance, you might be said to have two of which foot?




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