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Organization 13 Members

Try to figure out which member from Organization 13 is being described. Organization 13 is a group from the popular Disney and Square video game, "Kingdom Hearts".


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Created By:PRAragorn


#1   Who is the leader of the organization?

#2   Which member uses arrowguns and controls the sniper nobodies?

#3   Which member draws power from the moon?

#4   Which member controls water replicas and uses a sitar?

#5   Which member posseses superhuman strength?

#6   Which member is a scientist with control over ice?

#7   Which member uses two flaming chakrams?

#8   Which member is known as the lord of Castle Oblivion?

#9   Which member uses cards and controls the gambler nobodies?

#10   Which member uses the power of illusion?

#11   Which member wields the power of thunder?

#12   Which member has six lances and the power of wind?

#13   Which member is the one that can use the Keyblade?

#14   There was a 14th member in Organization 13.




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