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The Great Indian Challenge VI - The Kings of India

India was ruled for centuries by great kings, who left their mark by their uniqueness and their wisdom and foresight. Find out how much you know about these ancient great men who shaped policies, some of which are remembered and in use to this day.


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#1   This Emperor of the Mughal Dynasty ascended the throne at the mere age of 13. He was known most for his tolerance to all religions. The capital of his empire was moved to Fatehpur Sikri during his reign.

#2   The founder of the Maratha empire, this Emperor is a great hero to this day, particularly in the state of Maharashtra. He used superb guerrilla tactics to outsmart the Mughals and annexed a portion of their empire.

#3   A descendant of Emperor Akbar, this emperor is known to this day for ushering the golden age of architecture during his reign. The biggest proof of his architectural contributions is the Taj Mahal.

#4   Known as the "Tiger of Mysore", this king was both brave and intelligent. He made his capital in Srirangapatnam and his palace stands to this day as a heritage monument in this city of Karnataka.

#5   This Emperor was the most famous one of the Vijayanagara empire of South India. He ruled over the empire at its peak. He was a strict ruler and endeared himself to his subjects by his firm sense of justice combined with the affection of a father.

#6   This emperor is remembered more for the end of his reign, as it marked the beginning of the rule of the British East India Company in India.

#7   This emperor was one of the greatest kings of the Chola Empire. His empire stretched as far as Sri Lanka in the south and Orissa to the north-east. The Thanjavur Temple, an architectural marvel and mystery to this day, was built during his reign.

#8   He was a monarch who was intent on bloodshed and even killed his own brothers in the name of power. The historic battle at Kalinga changed him forever and transformed him from a heartless bloodthirsty king to a Buddhist monk.

#9   This Emperor will probably be known forever for his biggest achievement - he fathered the founder of Buddhism.

#10   This king was the last Hindu king to sit upon the throne of Delhi. He was known as the "Warrior King". The life of this king highlights all the major values of life - friendship, bravery, duty, patriotism, family and love.




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