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Science Trivia I

This quiz aims to test your knowledge on all aspects of science!


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Created By:DaleGriffin


#1   What is the chemical symbol for hydrogen?

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#2   Titanium has the chemical symbol T.

#3   In the compound water, how many hydrogen atoms are there per molecule of water?

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#4   Which of these is a fossil fuel?

#5   Brass is an alloy of copper and which other metal?

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#6   The genetic information, or control information inside a cell is usually found in what part?

#7   Which of these is not a muscle, or group of muscles in the arm?

#8   Which of the following best describes adrenalin?

#9   Italian physicist/astronomer Galileo Galilei invented the telescope.

#10   The formula for speed (velocity) is Speed=Distance divided by...?

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