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Back to the Future II

Take this quiz. It may help you feel like you are going into time.


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Category:Movies > Comedy
Created By:Kitty_cat_2009


#1   What was the future date that Doc and Marty traveled to?

#2   Biff said, "Well, you're safe and sound now. Back on the good old 27th floor".

#3   In the alternate 1985, who did Lorraine marry?

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#4   Biff Tannen steals the time machine and gives something to his younger self. What is it?

#5   Michael J. Fox played three characters.

#6   Who said, "Biff Tannen, I wouldn't be your girl even if you had a million dollars"?

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#7   Who is the Mayor of Hill Valley in 2015?

#8   Who said, "There's something very familiar about this"?

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#9   Who said, "Hey kid, say hello to your grandma for me"?

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#10   What is Jennifer's full name?

#11   Who said, "Hey Mom, nice pants"?




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