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Cameras give us the ability to visually record our favourite moments. Over the years, cameras have undergone many fundamental changes to how they capture and store images. See how much you know about this device.


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#1   The aperture of a camera is similar to what part of an eye?

#2   In a camera, what is the main purpose of a lens?

#3   What part of a camera controls the length of time for a picture's exposure?

#4   The word "camera" comes from the Latin "camera obscura". What does the Latin phrase mean?

#5   Early cameras recorded images on plates. What company first developed photographic film?

#6   An image is produced on film through a chemical reaction, caused by exposing the film to light.

#7   Instant film begins the development process right after a picture is taken. What company first introduced (and is famous for) its instant film camera?

#8   A digital camera has a sensor instead of film. The sensor is most similar to which of the following technologies?

#9   Just like on a computer screen, digital cameras represent an image with tiny dots called _____.

#10   Some cameras carry the designation "SLR". What does "SLR" stand for?




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