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How Well Do You Know You?

Well how well is it? Careful though! Are the (trick) questions all that they seem?


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Fun:*** (2.78)
Difficulty:** (1.38)
Created By:Mystery-King


#1   Your name has the letter 'e' in it.

#2   Your age is 25, 152, 118, 175 in numbers.

#3   When making a cup of tea or coffee, you stir it with your left hand.

#4   You always put your left shoe on last.

#5   To control your computer's mouse, you use your right hand.

#6   You have only had one birth day.

#7   While reading this question, you are on the computer.

#8   With the help of an everyday object, you can see through walls.

#9   You were born in a month with 28 days.

#10   You know everything about yourself.




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