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Frazz 101

Take this quiz and see how much you know about the comic strip Frazz.


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Fun:** (1.96)
Difficulty:*** (2.35)
Category:Entertainment > Comics
Created By:lukeschett


#1   What school does Frazz work at?

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#2   Who is not a teacher in the strip?

#3   Frazz is in love with Ms. Plainwell.

#4   What sport does Frazz play with Mr. Burke?

#5   Ms. Plainwell's first name is...

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#6   Mr. Spaetzle is the 6th grade teacher at Bryson Elementary.

#7   After whom did Frazz name his guinea pig?

#8   Frazz is a songwriter in his spare time.

#9   What is Mrs. Olsen's hobby?

#10   What is the name of Frazz's friend in first grade?




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