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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS)

Mario and Sonic turn up the heat, but turn down the temperature in Nintendo and Sega's second sports crossover game. Can you come in first place in this quiz?


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Created By:RampaginRobo


#1   How many turn points are there in Moguls?

#2   Which of the following statements is incorrect about Figure Skating?

#3   How many characters are in one Bobsleigh team?

#4   In Ice Hockey, who is in goal?

#5   Which button is held down to boost in the Luge?

#6   What is the maximum number of coins that can be held in Deluxe Halfpipe?

#7   Which of the following statements about the Blazing Bobsleigh is incorrect?

#8   Which three point values appear on the Bonus Gate roulette in Fever Hockey?

#9   In Curling Bowling, what symbol appears on the scorecard if a Super Strike is attained?

#10   The Special Targets in Ski Shooting are worth ___ points if they are not part of a combo.

#11   What is the name of the fifth world in Adventure Tours?

#12   Which character is obtained in Adventure Tours by beating her in Snow Machine Fight?

#13   What colour are the signs with challenges from Bowser Jr. and Metal Sonic on them?

#14   Which of these statements is incorrect?

#15   In which three events do Bowser and Eggman challenge you in the final battle?




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