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Paying Attention? Then Guess the Buffy Character.

Guess the Buffy character based on relatively obscure hints. All characters originated on Buffy, but some hints are from their time on "Angel".


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Category:Television > Drama
Created By:mufffin09


#1   My mum used to eat lemons raw and I've named the stars.

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#2   I could tell you if they experiment on aliens in Area 51 in Nevada. That's where I am.

#3   I once conversed with a "hamburger".

#4   Spike belched and I sighed.

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#5   I'm glad my parents didn't get me a puppy, and I'm not afraid to use a meat grinder when I must.

#6   I don't speak Italian, so I'll get a book.

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#7   I've been to hell and back and don't care if I only see 5% of donations.

#8   I was really excited to get that burro!

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#9   I do see him, that's the problem! Yet, I love to be seen with all my flashy entrances.

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#10   That Warren fella and I got along right fine. It's a shame I only met him once he was dead.

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#11   I had two worst fears. One came to pass 5 years after Billy awoke. I was once a mind.

#12   I wonder if Spike's middle name is Chutzpuh. I am Teeth.

#13   "Poker's just not the same without the kittens."

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#14   A demon named Skip helped lead me to my death.

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#15   Dummies make me wig out.

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#16   I'm a "stallion" who doesn't want to get a bat-nose.

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