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To: Hades BCC: Persephone

Orpheus has just passed through Tartarus, exciting the inhabitants and renewing their wish to escape. Sign these emails to Hades with the correct name.


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#1   I know it was bad taste to shove my father-in-law into a fire, but he did steal my horses! Also, I can't help being attracted to Hera. Please let me off this flying, burning, spinning wheel. Yours in dizziness, ____.

#2   I've been a bit deceitful and greedy in the past, but it was nothing personal. My muscles have really strengthened by pushing this rock, and I think I ought to go back and berate my wife again for not burying me properly. I'll return this time!

#3   I couldn't help wanting the ambrosia for my people! It was a charitable act, really. As for serving my son as dinner for the gods, well, I wondered if they were omniscient. I've been starving and dehydrating for too long! With anticipation, ____.

#4   Hera was the one who told me to attack Leto; I was only following orders! If your vultures are hungry, why don't you chain her up to have her liver eaten every day?! Confused and waiting, ____.

#5   Our father is the one to blame, not we! We were sisters forced into unwanted marriages, provided with daggers and a plan by our father. Don't blame us. Haven't we suffered enough by pointlessly carrying water to a leaky basin? Mournful regards, ____.

#6   Okay, Hades. Time to let me out! I am as good (if not better than) Zeus! Plus, isn't imitation the highest form of flattery? Great balls of fire, ____.

#7   My 100 dragon heads have been thinking since Orpheus enlightened me with his music. I'm the victim here! Zeus had no right to crush me under Mt. Etna. We all need a storm sometimes. I'll be peaceful if given the chance. Until next tempest, ____.

#8   We have bided our time long enough! Zeus is an impetuous boy; he doesn't know how to rule! Kronos was a much better leader. It's time to reinstate the elder gods and uproot the Twelve Olympians. We're ready, Kronos!

#9   Such beautiful music makes us forget the crimes we are here to punish. Release us into the bright world once again. Orpheus has reduced us to tears--a new experience and not unwelcome, ____.

#10   I am the one Orpheus has come for; his bride who stepped on a serpent. Release me, so I may complete my years, and Orpheus also!




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