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The Life of Anne Frank

How much do you know about this extraordinary young woman?


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#1   What year was Anne Frank born?

#2   Where did the Frank family go into hiding?

#3   Which Frank family member received the call-up that forced the family to immediately leave for their hiding place? *Note: call-ups were notices that rounded up Jewish people to send them to work camps in Germany.

#4   What year did Anne begin her diary?

#5   What was the real name of the dentist who joined the Frank and van Pels family while in hiding?

#6   Who was the person that betrayed those in hiding by calling the Security Police?

#7   What was the name of the concentration camp that all of those in hiding were first sent to?

#8   Anne and Margot both died only a few weeks before the concentration camp was liberated. What did they die of?

#9   Who was the only surviving member of those in hiding?

#10   What was the name of the female that helped hide the family and who also is credited for saving Anne's diary?




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