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Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

This quiz is for the 4th book in the series of Fablehaven.


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Category:Literature > Fantasy
Created By:sashomarine


#1   At the beginning of the book, Kendra is impersonated by whom?

#2   Kendra escapes Torina by using a(n):

#3   Seth learned from Graulas that he is a:

#4   One thing that's so special about Seth is that:

#5   How many clones does/did Kendra have/had?

#6   Seth, while in Wyrmroost, was kidnapped by the giant Thronis and his servant who is a ___.

#7   Thronis wants Seth and the others to take three __ from the Dragon Temple.

#8   Kendra meets Raxtus who is half dragon and half what?

#9   Kendra and everyone else find out that Gavin is who/what?

#10   At the end, who killed Navarog?

#11   Who died last at the end of the book?

#12   What did Kendra and Seth learn at the end of the book?




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