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Portmanteau Words

The English language is constantly changing with the invention of new words. Sometimes two existing words are combined to form a new 'portmanteau'. In this quiz you will find a mixture of serious and humorous portmanteaus, many of which are still quite young. For example, chocoholic = chocolate + alcoholic.


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#1   Television's "infomercials" are named from a blend of the words "information" and "_____".

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#2   The modern word "wiki" combined with "encyclopedia" to form "_____".

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#3   In 1964 the nations of Tanganyika and Zanzibar combined to form the country we now know as _____.

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#4   Name one of the words that was used to form the term "brunch".

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#5   This portmanteau from the 19th century is a mixture of "chuckle" and "snort". It means to laugh in a breathy, gleeful way.

#6   The word "gerrymander", to manipulate the result of an election, is a portmanteau of "Gerry" and "salamander".

#7   The word "spork" has been in use since the late 1800s. It is a blend of _____.

#8   The media occasionally use portmanteaus to connect a "supercouple". Write the name of one of the two people referred to in the headline, "TomKat To Travel". ("Tom" or "Kat" are not sufficient!)

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#9   The two oldest universities in England are often referred to together as "_____".

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#10   A portmanteau commonly used by digital photographers comes from the words "picture element". It is _____.

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#11   The special kind of English often used in Singapore is known officially as _____.

#12   This modern portmanteau means etiquette when using a computer network such as the Internet.




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