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Les Misérables Act II

Test your knowledge of the second part of this classic musical.


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Category:Entertainment > Theatre
Created By:chittermouse3


#1   What does Javert disguise himself as?

#2   Where does Marius ask Éponine to take the letter?

#3   Who reveals Javert's true identity as a spy?

#4   How does Éponine die?

#5   What is Gavroche doing when he is shot?

#6   Which of these characters does not die?

#7   What does Thénardier take from Marius in the sewers?

#8   Into what river does Javert throw himself to commit suicide?

#9   What names do the Thénardiers take on for the wedding?

#10   Who comes to take Valjean to heaven?




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