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Great Escapes in the Bible

Have you ever had a narrow escape? Many peoples' lives in the Bible were threatened, but many of them were able to escape unharmed. See how many of these escapes you remember.


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#1   After twenty years in Haran, Jacob fled from his father-in-law Laban and returned to Canaan.

#2   Why did Moses flee from Egypt?

#3   How long were the Israelites in Egypt before they escaped?

#4   From what city did Rahab help two spies escape?

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#5   What did Daniel escape unharmed from?

#6   What city was Jonah supposed to go to when he tried to escape from God?

#7   After killing Queen Jezebel, Elijah fled from the prophets of Baal.

#8   Who escaped from Gaza by ripping the gates from their hinges?

#9   Who escaped from Damascas by being lowered over the wall in a basket?

#10   How did Peter escape from prison?

#11   How did Paul escape from prison?

#12   After Jesus was crucified and had been buried, who first learned that he was alive again?




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