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Wolf Brother

Well? What do YOU know about Torak, Renn, and Wolf?


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Category:Literature > Fantasy
Created By:firefox99


#1   How did Torak's father die?

#2   Torak's father made Torak swear to find ________.

#3   How did Torak meet Renn?

#4   Torak found Wolf, his wolf cub animal companion, _________.

#5   The Mountain of the World Spirit is in the ___________ part of the map.

#6   Torak's father used to be the Mage of what Clan?

#7   On the journey, Torak and Renn have to find the Nanuak to bring to The Mountain of the World Spirit. What did they find first?

#8   Where did Torak find the Stone Tooth?

#9   Hord has what relationship to Renn?

#10   Which of these is Wolf's description of humans?

#11   The three souls all people have are the ______, _______, and the ______souls.

#12   The demon bear had to be destroyed before __________.

#13   Renn is from the _______Clan.

#14   This book is in a series called _________.

#15   Who is the author of this book?




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