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Midnight Sun

This quiz is about Stephenie Meyer's unfinished draft of "Midnight Sun". "Midnight Sun" is "Twilight" from Edward Cullen's point of view.


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Category:Literature > Fantasy
Created By:pandaus


#1   On the first page, where did Edward Cullen wish that he could sleep?

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#2   On the first page, what was Rosalie Hale thinking about?

#3   Vampires can't sleep.

#4   Edward Cullen loves Katherine Swan.

#5   Name one of Edward Cullen's sisters.

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#6   Bella Swan performs poorly in one of her classes. Which class?

#7   What type of food did Edward Cullen eat in the cafeteria, when he invited Bella swan to sit with him?

#8   What is Emmett Cullen's favorite food?

#9   When Bella Swan's hair is in the sun, what color does it have in it, besides brown?

#10   What is the title of chapter 7?

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