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Figures of Speech - Around the House

Odds are, many of the subjects of these idioms are around you everyday. How many of them can you remember when it counts?


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#1   What household item is featured in an idiom that infers that you have considered every possibility or that you have done all you could?

#2   According to the idiom, a person who gives unsolicited advice, or criticizes the decisions of others, especially on televised sporting events, will usually be seated where? (Hint: this person may be called a type of "quarterback".)

#3   To catch someone in the act of wrongdoing is to catch them with their "hand in the ________".

#4   The hand that "rules the world" does what else around the house?

#5   Once you are "out of the frying pan", where do you go next?

#6   Getting paid secretly, illicitly, or to avoid taxes is referred to as being paid _____ ___ _____.

#7   "Cutting a rug" is an idiom referring to redecorating.

#8   Other than getting cleaned up, what does it mean to "take a bath"?

#9   When asking someone to pause what they are doing, you may tell them to "hold the _____".

#10   Ever the bane of politicians, a hidden source of shame or embarrassment may be referred to as "a _______ in the closet".

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