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"The Sims Life Stories" Families

Do you know the families in "Sims Life Stories"?


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#1   He is known as a ladies' man and Riley and Agora have both marked him as their own.

#2   She lost her job and went to live with her aunt.

#3   He gives his friend a new computer and takes him bowling.

#4   He used to be a cheerleader and moved to Four Corners.

#5   She works at a coffee shop and has glasses.

#6   She made a killing in the stock market and came to live in Four Corners.

#7   She's greedy and wants to marry anyone with Simoleons.

#8   She is a neo-hippie and her husband's an artist.

#9   Her mother can't understand why she can't even stand the smell of Simoleons.

#10   She married young and knows the finer points in life.

#11   He wonders whether his wife's attention may be wandering now that he's entered his twilight years.




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