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"Bitter and Blue" -- Michael Weatherly

How well do you know the lyrics to this song from the "NCIS" soundtrack? Take my quiz to find out!


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#1   Fill in the blanks: "I've got a ____/ So I'll ____ you."

#2   Fill in the blanks: "You and your theories/ Divine ____ and ____."

#3   Fill in the blank: "But what about the gnawing doubt inside?/ Here's ____ in your eye."

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#4   Fill in the blanks: "Oh the beholder/ So steadfast and ____/ Observing the ____/ From his point of view."

#5   Fill in the blanks: "In revolt of long lost ____/ Oh, yeah/ Here's ____ in your eye."

#6   Fill in the blanks: "I'm ____ and ____ and bitter and blue."

#7   Fill in the blanks: "So give me an answer/ A place and a time/ A way to ____/ A ___ sign."

#8   Fill in the blanks: "And I'll ____ you/ My point of view/ Oh, yeah/ Yeah, I'll ____ you." (The same word goes in both blanks.)

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#9   Fill in the blanks: "I haven't been happy/ In such a long time/ Cloudy and grey ____/ Instead of ____."

#10   Fill in the blank: "I guess that's how/ I'm looking now/ So ____/ Like I'm in disguise."

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#11   Fill in the blank: "If it's precious then why is it so ____?"

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#12   Fill in the blanks: "Thoughtful and gloomy and ____ ____ ____."

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