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Are You Ready For Some MORE Football?

This quiz is going to test your knowledge of the National Football League's big game- The Super Bowl. Good luck!


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#1   Which NFL player guaranteed his team would win Super Bowl III the week before the big game?

#2   In which stadium was the first Super Bowl played?

#3   Who was the losing head coach in the first Super Bowl?

#4   The Super Bowl was played in the Rose Bowl in the year 1977.

#5   Who was the Oakland Raiders coach in their first Super Bowl appearance?

#6   Who coined the name "Super Bowl"?

#7   Who was the first player to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl?

#8   Who was the first defensive player to win the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player award?

#9   Who was the first player from the losing team to win the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player award?

#10   Super Bowl Sunday is an official U.S. Holiday.




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