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"Veronica Mars" Quotes

Here are some quotes from the TV show "Veronica Mars" covering the first nine episodes of season 3. Do you remember what was said?


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#1   After the kidnapping of Selma Rose, Dean O'Dell said of Sheriff Lamb that he had met smarter what?

#2   After his next door neighbor's girlfriend falls asleep in his bed and he is forced to sleep on the floor, Piz comments that which famous musician wouldn't sleep on the floor?

#3   When Dick hires Veronica to clear the Pi Sig house of the rapes, he tells her to use her magic. What kind of magic did Dick call it?

#4   Where does Veronica rhetorically ask Piz if he's from, after he left his car unlocked on campus and had his stuff stolen?

#5   Mac wonders if she'll be let into the Pi Sig party because all of the glitter has come off her tube top. What tube top was she talking about?

#6   What does Logan say to Veronica when she states that she is sure she can make sense of his financial records?

#7   Which one of these was NOT something Veronica offered up to prove she wasn't drunk after the Theta Beta rush party?

#8   Veronica is surprised that a certain group doesn't protest football. Who is she referring to?

#9   What does Veronica say to Dean O'Dell after he asks if she's met his wife?

#10   After announcing that Wallace isn't there and he's "Evil Wallace", Wallace says that Veronica doesn't hang with the evil and what?




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