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Lies in the Bible

Have you ever told a lie? In the Bible, there are several examples of lying and what its consequences are.


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#1   Who initiates the first deception in the Bible?

#2   What lie did Abram tell Pharaoh?

#3   Sarah lied to God about her laughing.

#4   Who pretended to be his brother in order to deceive his father?

#5   What happened to Joseph shortly before his brothers lied to Jacob?

#6   What happened to Joseph because Potiphar's wife lied?

#7   One of the Ten Commandments deals with lying.

#8   Who lied three times when asked about the source of his strength?

#9   Who lied three times when asked about being a follower of Jesus?

#10   Jesus said lying isn't as bad as other sins like murder.

#11   When Ananias and Sapphira brought some money to Peter, they lied about the price of the _____ they sold.

#12   John teaches that not following God's commands is a form of lying.




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