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"Rockferry" - Duffy

How well do you know this song by Duffy?


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Created By:Fuzzball457


#1   Finish the following lyric: "And I'd build my house, baby, with ____".

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#2   Fill in the blanks, "I pick my ___ and I fill my ___ before it's too late".

#3   The following lyrics are correct: "I'm not going to think of you or I'll get the blues".

#4   Complete the lyric: "There's no ___ on the journey away from town".

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#5   Fill in the blanks, "A bag of ___ and a ____ heart won't make me down".

#6   These lyrics are correct: "I'll make this decision, win all the time".

#7   Fill in the blank, "I'll move to ___ tomorrow".

#8   These lyrics are correct: "I'll leave my shadow to fall behind".

#9   Fill in the blank, "And I wouldn't write to you 'cause ____".

#10   When was the original song "Rockferry" released?




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