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The Reformation

Corruption in the Catholic Church leads to the people revolting and ultimately, to the period in European history, known as the Reformation. Familiar with it? Read on. Not familiar with it, but want to know more? Read on.


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#1   In which of the following centuries did the Reformation occur?

#2   What publication written by Martin Luther created a theological debate that helped lead to the Reformation?

#3   Johannes Gutenberg's invention, moveable type, is credited with advancing Biblical literacy among the laity.

#4   Which of the following were a part of the initial Protestant groups formed due to the Reformation?

#5   Some of the ideas behind the sacraments was greatly criticized by Protestant reformers. Which of the following was not considered a sacrament by the Roman Catholic Church?

#6   What is the term used to describe the Roman Catholic Church's quest to stop protestantism from spreading?

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#7   What institutions of learning were developed by the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation period and beyond?

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#8   Pope Paul III brought about the Council of ___ to address some of the issues the Protestant reformers had with the Church.

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#9   According to Church theology, what is the name for the process of change, when the bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Christ?

#10   Who is the Roman Catholic Church's highest authority on matters of faith?

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