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Degrassi: The Next Generation

How much do you know about Degrassi?


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#1   What's the name of the popular coffee shop that Spinner works at?

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#2   Which character did not become pregnant in high school?

#3   The name of Degrassi's cheerleading squad is the Cheerios.

#4   Which character never had a sibling attend Degrassi?

#5   Which of the following isn't one of the four original characters to remain on the show from season 1 through season 9?

#6   Who is Joey's stepson?

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#7   After Emma leaves for college, Mr. Simpson's godson stays with them. What's his name?

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#8   Liberty won a contest and got Natasha Bedingfield to play at her senior prom.

#9   What is the name of the band that Craig, Spinner, Ellie, Marco, and Ashley have?

#10   Whom does Spinner marry at the beginning of season 10?

#11   What country did Darcy move to for a semester?

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#12   Ellie's mother suffers from alcoholism which led to Ellie cutting her wrists.

#13   Rick was an abusive boyfriend and put his former girlfriend, Terri, in a coma.

#14   Before J.T. died, he was dating Mia, but who was he going to tell "I love you" to?

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#15   What part of Jimmy's body did Rick shoot?

#16   The owner of K.C.'s group home sets him up with a prostitute.

#17   Which college does Paige attend?

#18   Rick intended to shoot Emma, but who saves her?




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