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Catch the Phrases and Sayings 2

How well do you know some of the most used phrases and sayings? I'll give you part of the phrase or saying; see if you can match up the missing portions. Good luck and have fun!


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Category:Humanities > Philosophy
Created By:froggygg


#1   Two heads are better _____.

#2   Two wrongs don't make _____.

#3   Waste not, _____.

#4   Where there's a will, there's _____.

#5   You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot _____.

#6   You can't make an omelet without _____.

#7   You can't teach an old dog _____.

#8   You can't judge a book by _____.

#9   You can catch more flies with honey than with _____.

#10   If you can't beat 'em, _____.




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