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Face It

Here it is - in your face! Will you face up to another idiom challenge like a true "Braingler", or do an about face? Each question features a different idiomatic use of the word "face".


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#1   Telling a joke or a lie effectively often requires keeping a _____ face.

#2   "Put a brave face on" is closest in meaning to which of the following?

#3   When she exclaims, "I'm just putting my face on!" the lady probably means, "_____."

#4   To have "egg on your face" means _____.

#5   Trying to cover up for a mistake, to keep respect, or to avoid humiliation, is trying to _____ face.

#6   Something which challenges, or is the opposite of, an accepted belief may be said "to ____ in the face of" that belief.

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#7   Someone described as "two-faced" is:

#8   To accept something as what it appears to be is to take it "_____".

#9   To be confronted with the possibly unpleasant consequences of your actions is "to face the _____".

#10   The exclamation "Get outta my face!" means:




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