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Le Mot Juste - The Right Word

When we can't find quite the right word or expression in English, or when we want to appear educated(!) we may borrow from another language. This quiz features French phrases which are commonly used by English speakers and have become part of the English lexicon. How many do you know?


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#1   "Au revoir" is one of many ways to say goodbye. The meaning of this French phrase is most similar to which of the following?

#2   If I have been given "carte blanche" it means I have _____.

#3   The French phrase "raison d'être" means _____.

#4   The French phrase "mal de mer" is used in English for _____.

#5   "Cherchez la femme" is a common suggestion in detective stories when _____.

#6   A collection of small items, often of little value, may be called _____.

#7   If I sigh and say, "_____", I might mean, "Life is tough, but that's the way it is!"

#8   This phrase is used when something has happened or been decided, and those affected just have to accept it.

#9   A private and intimate discussion might be said to occur "_____".

#10   A phrase that means knowing what to do or say in a particular situation is _____.




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