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Names in Phrases

Many first names have become part of common phrases. See how many of these names you can identify.


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#1   This name is associated with a pirate's flag.

#2   This boxed-in name is a traditional children's toy.

#3   This name, when associated with an apple, is technically called a "laryngeal prominence".

#4   This is a doll's name associated with talking.

#5   Uncle ____ is a personification of the U.S. government.

#6   _____ Bull is a personification of England.

#7   A male goat is known by this name.

#8   This name is associated with observing others without their consent.

#9   This plain name refers to a woman with an average appearance.

#10   This name can refer to a flat wire hairpin.

#11   A messy meal of spicy ground beef on a bun uses this man's name.

#12   This bloody name is a cocktail and a queen's nickname.




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