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Names in Phrases 2

Many first names have become part of common phrases. See how many of these names you can identify.


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#1   A cup of this name refers to coffee.

#2   This named horse is a type of muscle cramp or spasm.

#3   This is the name of Walt Disney's official mascot.

#4   This colourful name is an American fruit dessert.

#5   This frosty name is used in the personification of cold.

#6   Frustration or annoyance can be expressed for this person's sake.

#7   This name is associated with a certain stuffed animal.

#8   Although the tower itself is often called Big _____, it actually refers to the bell inside.

#9   A rotating tray is called this "lazy" name.

#10   The baton a policeman carries is called a ____ club.

#11   Someone who needs proof before believing something is called a doubting _____.

#12   The common name for this yucca plant is "_____ tree", which is also the name of a movie and a U2 album.




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