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Batman 1966

Greetings, Citizen! Bruce Wayne and his young ward, Dick Grayson, had secret alter egos as TV crime fighters Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo battled villains in Gotham City from 1966 to 1968. The popular parody translated characters from the DC Comics serial of the same name.


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#1   Adam West gave us handsome playboy Bruce Wayne, and brave hero Batman, in this popular television series. The producers of the show also auditioned which actor for the role of the caped crusader?

#2   Holy teen idol, Batfans! Which young actor played both roles of Dick Grayson and Robin?

#3   Bruce Wayne and his young ward, Dick Grayson, shared stately Wayne Manor with this lovable female relative. What was her name?

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#4   Catwoman was played by two different actresses during the television series. Which of these three never portrayed the furry feline diva?

#5   This breathtaking former Miss America was featured as Catwoman in the 1966 theatrical film, "Batman". What is her name?

#6   King Tut was played with great Shakespearean gusto by actor Victor Buono. Who was King Tut in reality, when he wasn't engaged in crime?

#7   Seasoned actor Burgess Meredith portrayed which villain on the television series?

#8   In the episode "Caught in the Spider's Den", which actress sought to destroy Batman's brain as femme fatale Black Widow?

#9   This horror icon "eggs-cellently" embodied arch criminal Egghead. Who was he?

#10   Each week, the narrator of the "Batman" TV show signed off with these same words. He invited the viewers to "Tune in next time to _____!"




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