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Ancient History of China

This is a quiz about China. Hint: most of the questions are arranged in chronological order.


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#1   Which of the following is not a mythological dynasty? [Hint: Think about polysemy.]

#2   According to the 'Three Character Classic', the Xia Dynasty lasted about four hundred years.

#3   Who is Zhou of Shang's favourite woman?

#4   Who was King Cheng of Zhou's regent before he came of age?

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#5   Which of the following was not a hegemon during the Spring and Autumn Dynasty?

#6   Duke Huan of __ supported the King of Eastern Zhou.

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#7   There was a person who poked his thigh while studying. Who was his teacher?

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#8   What technique did Liu Bang use to defeat Xiang Yu's army?

#9   Which of the following Chinese people unified currency?

#10   Emperor Wu of Han raised taxes for merchants.

#11   Wang Mang was, at one time, considered a saviour of the Chinese people.

#12   Which of the following people rebelled against Eastern Han?

#13   Zhuge Liang made dummies for the Wei archers to shoot at in a dark, misty night, then showed Zhou Yu that he had made a hundred thousand arrows in three days.

#14   Which of the following is a Northern Dynasty state? [Hint: What kind of ruler would name his state after the longest ever dynasty of China?]

#15   Which of the following emperors overthrew his own grandson?

#16   What do Zhao Gao, Zheng Zhong, and Pothinus have in common?




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