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Famous Streets 2

Some streets are famous because of what happened there; others are made famous through books or songs. See if you can identify these famous streets.


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#1   This road in Atlantic City leads from Pacific Avenue to Boardwalk.

#2   Which of these is a symbol of wealthy New York?

#3   Since the 1920s, this street has been associated with the American advertising industry.

#4   Home to the British press until the 1980s, this street symbolises British journalism.

#5   The name of this London street is also a song by Eddy Grant: "We gonna rock down to _____ / And then we'll take it higher."

#6   Once an important highway, this is now an icon of carefree driving; it was featured in "Cars".

#7   The Saddledome, used for the Calgary Stampede, is located on Rodeo Drive.

#8   This road connected Rome to Brindisi. The first section was completed in 312 BC.

#9   The White House, home of the U.S. President, is on:

#10   Colloquially known as "Number 10", this is commonly identified as the home of the U.K. Prime Minister.




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