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Azumanga Daioh

This is a basic quiz about a zany show composed of numerous misadventures that befall a group of students.


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Fun:** (1.25)
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Category:Television > Comedy
Created By:LogicalRoger


#1   What is the show's title derived from?

#2   What is unique about Chiyo?

#3   What is Ayumu Kasuga more commonly referred to as?

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#4   There is a large orange cat in the show that can speak and fly and who mostly appears in dreams. Strangely enough, Sakaki seems to think this creature shares a relation with one of the girls. Who does she think he is?

#5   Even though she seems to adore them, no cat has ever let Sakaki pet it.

#6   What school subject does Yukari usually teach?

#7   Tomo studied extra hard so that she could get into the same high school as Yomi just so that she could annoy her.

#8   Which character does Kaorin idolise?

#9   Which of the following characters is not a member of the "Bonkurazu"?

#10   Which of the following is not true about Kagura?

#11   Yomi is an aspiring singer who often teams up with Chiyo-chan to encourage the class with cheers.

#12   What is the name of the white cat and kitten stuffed animal pair that Sakaki adores?




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