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Oh, Gods!

Do you know which gods to pray to in a time of need? Match up these dilemmas with the god or goddess most likely to help. (The Greek name is first, then Roman.)


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#1   Plato is sending a very important letter and he wants it to arrive quickly. To whom should he offer libations?

#2   Aetos is throwing a big party and wants the wine to taste just right! To whom is he praying tonight?

#3   Saba is planning to trick the enemy troops away from her city. However, she has no idea how to fool the invading army. Whom should she ask for help?

#4   Sandy is about to have her first child and is a little nervous. To whose altar should she send supplications?

#5   Tadd has placed a large bet on one of the horses in the Kentucky Derby. Just before the horses start, who is on Tadd's mind?

#6   Halcyone has just bought a new home. Whom should she ask to bless her dwelling?

#7   Ebony has taken up archery and wants to do well in a national contest tomorrow. Who will be able to assist her?

#8   Echo is planting a garden and needs some divine inspiration of which flowers to put where. Who can help her?

#9   Galen is about to plunge into one of the bloodiest battles in history. He knows the death toll is high, but he feels he should join the slaughter to protect his city. Whom does he ask to protect him?

#10   George is thinking about asking a girl out on a date. He isn't totally sure about how to do it though, so he asks for some advice. From whom does he want tips?




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