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Don't Call Me "Old"!

I may be "chronologically gifted" or even "folliculously challenged", but please, never "old"! Political correctness, idioms, and some quotable quotes are featured in this quiz about the decrepit and doddery ... oops! ... the vintage and venerable!


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Category:Humanities > Linguistics
Created By:dalfamnest


#1   The following words refer to the age groups of senior citizens. Which list gets older in the correct order?

#2   An elderly person might be described as "long in the _____".

#3   "I wouldn't call her old, but she's no _____" refers to someone's advancing years.

#4   Which of the following words is NOT related to the effects of aging?

#5   The phrase "doting on" means getting old and weak.

#6   A politically correct (PC) way of describing an elderly person is "gerontologically advantaged".

#7   A person who shows signs of being less capable because of age might be described as "over the _____".

#8   Another polite way to avoid calling me "old" is to say I am "past my _____".

#9   Which of the following Bible characters is often used as a metaphor for a very old man?

#10   When someone described my attitude as "antediluvian", he was saying my point of view was ____.

#11   "____ is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children." Complete the tongue-in-cheek quote from George Bernard Shaw.




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